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Diezijn Leuk 2012!!

Last weekend I got the news that Diezijn Leuk is planning another craft fair on April 1st 2012 in Groningen!!

I am so super excited for this. In November I went to my first one there, and although it was a bit cold we didn’t have any snow, and I had great neighbours and it turned out a lovely day. Even with the trouble of carrying all my stock and displays to the fair by bicycle (two of us) I still managed to fill a 4meter booth!

So this time the fair is Sunday April 1st (lets hope its no April fools!!) so I have to get my new collection of Easter decorations ready for it. I also decided I would have an area on my stand for my sewing patterns too. Although my patterns are in English, many Dutch people can read English so I hope that wont be a problem.

So over the coming months I am going to be experimenting with more display ideas, especially ways to add height to my display but still be easy to transport by bicycle!

Diezijn Leuk website
Diezijn Leuk on Facebook

Custom orders – Christmas Stockings

Well I finished and posted all the custom orders from my craft fair on Sunday.
As usual I get so happy when I finish that I wrap up the order and forget to take a picture!!
I did remember to take one picture though, of a pair of Christmas stockings.

It was nice adding the extra touch of an initial to each of the stockings. I hope the two little girls receiving them will love them (and that they get lots of presents inside them!)

Later tonight is St. Martins so I have my bowl of candy ready, and a little lantern to set outside so kids know we have candy. I also made a couple extra lanterns from my tutorial to put in the window.

Diezijn Leuk!

Yesterday I had a stall at the Diezijn Leuk craft fair in Groningen. We had great weather, no snow or rain, was cold but not too bad. It was lovely meeting all the people, and I really could see how much I have improved in speaking Dutch compared to my last craft fair when I needed my boyfriend to help a lot more with customers.

We got to the fair at 9am, and as we don’t have a car we carried everything on our bicycles! I carried 3 laundry sized bags on my handle bars, and a crate on the back of my bike, and Tomas carried one big laundry bags and a duffel bag. Took just over an hour to set up and then we sat and waited for the fair to begin at 11am.

As the day went on we had lots of visitors and so many nice comments about my products, every sale made me happy and made it worth while standing outside in the cold all day. I have a couple of custom orders from the day too which I am working on today to ship out by Wednesday. I also have a Dutch exam on Wednesday so this week will be just as busy I am sure.

What a weekend!

Phew that was exhausting! But awesome too!
Between the 6am wake up, the thunder storms (while setting up) and the couple of rain showers my first craft fair yesterday went really well!
This is my booth once I finished setting everything up

I had a booth next to Kitty Darkness Designs and Popjes Art, It was really nice to meet everyone and such a great first experience of a craft fair. I was so happy to have my boyfriend with me to help with the Dutch, even with my extra practise I still got stuck talking to people sometimes.

I loved talking to people about my items, and to actually see people pick stuff up and then buy it was just amazing! I get so excited when people buy from me on Etsy so seeing it in real life was soooo much better. I hope to do another fair soon, but hopefully one a bit closer to home so I don’t have a 2 hour car journey for it.

1 Day left to sew

Lucky for me today is a national holiday in the Netherlands so I have been able to spend all day sewing!
I got several things crossed off my list (and stopped myself adding anything else onto it).

Here is what I have made over the last two days:

Several cushion covers (not all in the photo), 2 Felt Orchid plants, some more felt fruit salad bags & some cute little bird decorations.

Still to make:
Some more Little Red Riding Hood dolls, Big Bad Woof doll, Sissy snake toy, Humpty Dumpty toy and some more letter felt boxes (if I get time).

I also still need to print more labels and price tags off, some flyers to hand out and finish prepping my stalls layout. I hope I can get it all done tomorrow because Saturday I have to pack everything up into the car ready for Sunday early morning start to the craft fair!
I just hope all the work will be worth it!