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Look what I got!!

Look at these lovely gifts from my exchange partner, Katherine, for the craftaholics anonymous gift exchange.

I love the little bunny basket! I am using it to keep the treats for Tulip (my rabbit) in. She already knows when she sees it she is going to get something nicer 😛

I love the scarf she made! And with the weather here at the moment I need it!
And the crochet flowers have really brightened up my bag.
I also received some muled wine spices which I am saving for Christmas 🙂

I just love the gift exchanges! It is so nice to see what other creative things people make!

My gift exchange gift

This month I took part in the handmade gift exchange over at craftaholics anonymous.
I love taking part in her gift exchanges, it is so fun to meet you gifting partner and think up what you want to make for them!

This time I was partnered up with Katherine from Ireland. I sent her an email about myself and think I like and got one back too. Reading through her email nothing jumped to mind to make so it took me awhile to get started but in the end this is what I made her.

I have to admit I took the basic peacock design from a postcard I have and made it all bright colours instead of the postcards teal and purple, and I also changed the tear drop shapes to circles because I wanted buttons, and round buttons looked stupid on tear drop shaped felt pieces, but if I wasn’t adding buttons I think I would have stuck with tear drops.

The tote is made of a sandy velvety feeling fabric, and the peacock is made from felt circles with buttons sewn on. I used a light blue cotton for the lining. It is a pretty big bag so you can keep lots in it, and my partner also likes to knit so I thought if she doesn’t use it as a handbag, she could use it to keep wool and stuff in!

To make it, I first cut out my tote pieces. I cut two pieces 35cm by 50cm and two the same size from the lining and interfacing, and then 2 pieces 10cm by 50cm for the handles. Then I cut out all the different sizes of felt circles, I did it freehand (because I was too lazy to draw around things). I then sketched on a piece of paper the design and used that to mark points on the bag to sew the lines. Once I did all the lines I sewed on the peacocks body, and the circles above her head. Then I machine sewed on each of the other circles, using my sketch as a guide on where I needed them to go. Once they were on  I sewed on each button.
Because my fabric was medium weight I added a layer of interfacing, but if you are smarter than me you do this before you sew on all the buttons, it is not easy to iron on top of buttons!!
Once that was done I constructed the bag like a general tote, adding 8cm box corners to it. If you have never made a tote before here are some great tutorials for it.

I also included some small extra gifts in with my package, some buttons, little felt purse and some Christmas decorations.

What I received for the gift exchange!

Yesterday I got my packet from my gift exchange partner Natalie! I was all excited opening it and forgot to take a photo of it all wrapped up (it looked pretty with purple ribbon around it!)
But here is a photo of what she sent me!

A cute little fishy keychain and a purple fishie brooch. A bag of pink buttons (omg yes more buttons!) and orange/yellow button purse!
I love the purse, it is so cute with all the buttons, and the “Natalie’s Indulgence” button on it looks really great!

I have already moved my money and bank card to the purse 🙂 really love it!
So thank you Natalie!

What I made for the gift exchange!

At the end of May I signed up for the handmade gift exchange over on Craftaolics Anonymous.
A few days ago I posted out my gift to my partner Natalie and now it is time to show what I made for her!

Felt storage box with a diamond ring on it. Natalie told me she is planning her wedding so I thought it great to have a little box she can put photo snips, ideas and notes to help her planning.
Natalie also makes lovely cake toppers (see her Etsy shop) and said she likes cupcakes so I made these cute little cupcake push pins and this hand carved stamp (although I am still practising making stamps). And lastly a cute little scented tea bag, and button brooch!

I will share what I got from Natalie in a later post!

What to make?

Today I have been brainstorming what to make for the handmade gift exchange from Craftaholics Anonymous. I emailed with my assigned partner last week and have been racking my brains on what to make! I usually make lots of children things so trying to think of something for an adult is much harder than I thought!
But I have now narrowed down my list to a couple of things to get making ready to have them posted off by end of June.
Here is all the supplies I needed for all the bits I am making.

I can not tell exactly what I am making because I want it to be a big surprise for my gifting partner, but beginning of July I will be posting more about it and finished item pictures!