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owl hanger felt

Owlie Ornament

A few weeks ago I was requested to make something special for a new little life that arrived into the world. They wanted it to be something special and have an owl on it as it was a special animal for the parents, we discussed maybe an outfit, but babies can grow out of those so fast!

In the end I made this soft tan owl to hang on the wall, with the name of the new arrival hanging between its wings. It is actually rather big, with a wing span of 35cm, and all made from lovely wool blend felt.

owl hanger felt

This has been the first time I made something like this and I loved it! I maybe over the summer work on making this into a pattern or tutorial to share with you all šŸ™‚

Baby Girls Dress

So a month ago one of my friends had a lovely little girl. I had been waiting for her to be born so I had an excuse to make cute girly baby clothes!!


I made a cute little snappy dress in some lovely floral purple and pink fabric.


And some purple baby bloomers to go under it and just finish off the outfit.

And then this week I had a chance to go round and oooh and aaaah over the baby and give her the outfit and now it is safe to post about it šŸ™‚

Dress Pattern: Prudent Baby,Ā Bloomers: Traced from shorts.

Pretty Dress

A friend of mine in the UK had a baby girl a few weeks ago : ) Ā So I jumped on the chance to make another pretty peasant dress!!
I bought some really lovely purple flower fabric and made this sweet little dress for her.

I enjoy making these so much that I am making another one in blue patchwork fabric. I don’t have anyone intended toĀ receiveĀ it yet so might add it to my etsy shop. But we will see.

A baby gift!

This weekend I was working on a special project. In february my baby cousin is getting christened and I wanted to make her something special. For her birth I made her a quilt (see here), but for this gift I had to keep in mind postage so I wanted something smaller and lighter.

So I made her a little dress with red flower detail!
I picked black and red because I thought it would be nice to have something non pink. Because I don’t have a baby to model on, or takeĀ measurementsĀ I ended up buying a dress from the charity shop and cutting it up to make a pattern, but love how it turned out. It was a great first project sewing clothes!

Hand cramp!! And a finished quilt

Rikka (fromĀ ricochet and away)Ā wasn’t kidding when she said she got hand cramp snipping all the edges on her blanket!Ā My finished quilt is half the size of hers but I am so glad it wasn’t bigger!

I went with the simple X for each square and spent ages working out how to order the squares so IĀ didn’tĀ have any matching fabric next to each other on the front, or the back!

I am so happy with how it turned out too and think it will make a lovely gift for my soon to arrive cousin! (This will be the first girl born into my near family circle since me! 6 Boys, and finally a girl!)
I also feel really happy that I finally made a quilt! I see them on Etsy a lot and they are always soooo beautiful šŸ™‚