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Octoplush Sewing Pattern

Here is my secret of the week!
My next sewing pattern will be available on Wednesday (just a few tweaks to make to it) and just in time for valentines!!

I made these octoplush’s last year but decided to not sell them on etsy because of their size (they had very high postage charges). They are such cute little things that I figured I would write up a sewing pattern for them and add it to my collection of doll patterns! And I wanted to get them published before valentines because what other creature gives such great hugs with so many arms!!!

Skirt pattern for my dolls

Well I wanted to share some free patterns to go with my dolls and decided to make my first one a pattern to make a cute little skirt!

Fabric – 25″ x 6″
Elastic – 9″
General sewing supplies etc

Sewing a skirt

1) Fold the SKIRT fabric in half length ways with right sides together. Sew along the edge.

2) Fold 1/4″ of the lower edge up and press. Fold it another 1/4″ down and sew along the lower edge to make the bottom hem of your skirt.

3) Fold 1/4″ of the top edge down and press. Now fold it 1/2″ down and press again. Sew along the fold and leave a 1″ gap to put the elastic in.

4) Attach one end of your elastic to a safety pin and thread it into the gap you left in the top hem and around the skirt. Overlap the two ends of the elastic and sew them together by hand then let the elastic go inside the top hem of the skirt and sew closed the opening.

Coming next week a free pattern to add glasses to my doll sewing patterns.

Mega Man to the rescue!!

No evil will go unpunished with Mega Man to save the day and beat the bad guys!!

The pattern is 5 pages long and includes computer illustrated step by step instructions to make a fabric cape, felt mask and felt money bag. The pattern also includes 26 letter templates so you can put your own initial on the back of the cape and $, £ and € embroidery patterns for the money bag.

I have now listed the pattern in my etsy shop and in the patterns section of this blog.

I lied to myself!

I had promised myself I would wait until life was a bit calmer to do my first “add-on” doll pattern, but I lied to myself thinking I could manage that!
Today I finished sewing the items for my next new pattern, “Hero’s & Villian’s!”

(sorry for the terrible image! It was took dark when I took it and the flash went all weird)

When I finish writing up the pattern tomorrow/friday (and take a better photo) I will show more and tell more about the pattern.

New doll sewing pattern

Wow! I reached 100 followers! Thank you everyone who visits my blog!! It is really nice to know I don’t write this blog and tutorials for nothing 🙂

I also have my next sewing pattern all ready! Meet Josh and James

They are made with my new “Best buddies doll” sewing pattern! I felt a boy doll pattern was a good addition to my “Best friends doll” girl pattern I released a couple of weeks ago.
The pattern is 8 pages long and includes full computer illustrated steps to make a doll just like Josh, and includes computer drafted pattern that includes 4 different hair options.
You can buy the pattern in my Etsy shop, along with my other patterns.

It will be November before I bring out my next sewing pattern as I need to get things ready for the upcoming craft fair diezijn leuk!