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Best Friends Doll Sewing Pattern

It’s done! It’s done! It’s done!!

I checked it, made it, played with the layout and made it again and finally I am happy with it! (I called this doll Stephanie hehe)

The sewing pattern includes 4 pages of instructions with computer illustrations for each step, 3 pages of patterns which include 6 different hair styling options so you can make lots of different and unique dolls.
And with the pattern you are allowed to make the dolls to sell in limited numbers! (Full copyright info is included in the pattern).

For the next week to celebrate my first pattern I am offering it at a special price for my blog readers. The pattern will be emailed out to you within 24 hours.
Pattern is now available in my Etsy shop along with other sewing patterns.

Meet Emerald, Laura & Anne

Alice is now for sale in my Etsy shop.
In addition here are a couple of other dolls I started before my holiday and finished off over the weekend.

She loves to dance and perform ballet. When not dancing she is out in the garden chasing butterflies! Her favourite colour is pink.
She likes to sing and perform for my friends and family. Her favourite song is “twinkle twinkle little star“! And she always wear blue, as it is pretty like the sky.

She is a bit shy, but once she gets to know you, you will be best friends! She loves eating cookies and having a cold glass of lemonade. Her favourite colour is green like the grass!

All are listed in my Etsy shop now.

Alice doll

As promised here is a sneak peak of the new doll I am adding to my Etsy shop this weekend!

Meet Alice

(sorry about the bad photo’s taken late at night in a rush!)
It was a challenge creating the effect of long hair for this doll, but once I worked out how to do it I am going to use the same technique for other dolls too!

Alice is the first doll I have made using my new wool blend felt from Sew Sweet. I was a little unsure how the felt would work as it feels very soft but is actually very strong. I have ordered some more wool blend felt now too so I will slowly change all my dolls to this wool as is it better quality.

Next up are a couple more characters from Alice in Wonderland, can you guess who they might be? Once I also finish creating a couple more “Fairytale” dolls I will write up some patterns so others can make them too. (but this usually takes me quite awhile!)

Baby girl gift

One of my friends this week had a lovely little baby girl! So happy for her and so much pinkness around is great!
I wanted to make a doll for her so went out and bought some new fabric and also made the face and legs/arms from fleece instead of cotton so the doll would be very soft and squishy!

I am off now to deliver this little doll to her new friend! Enjoy your weekend!

Mr. Wolf

I really wanted to get a second Mr. Wolf doll finished this week. The first one sold before I had finished stuffing him! So Mr. Wolf is now in my Etsy shop, but if anyone wants him they have to act quick as I have to close my shop Saturday evening as I am going on holiday 😀
Here are a couple more detailed photos of Mr. Wolf


I will be gone for just over 2 weeks, visiting my family back in the UK and my boyfriends family so won’t be around to blog much during my holiday.
Before I go I have 1 more felt food tutorial to share with you (on Monday), and when I get back I will be revealing my latest addition to my fairytale doll collection!