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Queens Day

On April 30th it will be Queens Day (or Koninginnedag in Dutch) in the Netherlands.
I have only been living in the Netherlands for 1 1/2 years but like to think I am slowly becoming a part of the culture (especially as I learn the language). As such I thought (with some input from my boyfriend) that it would be good to make a badge to wear (and sell) for Queens Day.

The badge is made from an orange fabric yoyo (orange is very big in the Netherlands), and on top is a felt flag (I painted the red and blue stripes myself). Of course as it is a badge there is a pin on the back so everyone can wear it with pride!

I have a couple of these made and am listing them on Etsy. They are €1.50 + postage (€0.50).

Childrens book week 2010 (NL)

I have been taking it easy since I hurt my back. It is mostly fine now but I have to be careful I don’t sit slumped up and such. I did a lot of sewing over the weekend, and also started and finished a new website project.

Beginning of October in the Netherlands is Childrens book week. Last year I worked with Eva Lenis and we made a small flash game for a book store and they ran a competition with it (they had over 500 entries!!). After such a success last year the book shop asked me and Eva to make something new for this year. So I developed a flash based paint program and Eva made all the illustrations for it. It has turned out really well and I hope it works really well for the book store again this year. When the site is launched I will post a link for everyone.

Screen shot of what it looks like with my drawing of an alien in its homeship 🙂

Not a good start!

Well this is not the best start to a blog!

Yesterday the internet went off at my apartment. There were people digging and working in the street just outside so I thought it was just temporary but nooooo. It didn’t come back on later in the day so we called the internet provider who after several tests confirmed that the silly people outside must of touched the cables and broken our connection. So until someone comes back out to dig up the street again we have no internet and they say it will be 3 days before it is sorted.
Lucky I have internet at my work Studio else I would be going loop from withdrawal I am sure! And my second post ever is a big long rant! Oh dear me!
On a more positive note today (6th July 2010) is the anniversary of me moving to the Netherlands, 1 year ago I made the flight over, followed a few weeks later with my belongings. It feels like quite an accomplishment to have survived here for so long when I think back to what I had planned 1 year ago. I had no job or any plans on how I would earn money, and my friends back home thought it was going to end up with me coming home in a few months penniless 🙁 BUT I have proven them wrong. I have built up a small freelance portfolio of websites that I have developed and am working on developing that more along with my sewing and plushies.
I wonder where I will be in another years time.