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Diezijn Leuk 2012!!

Last weekend I got the news that Diezijn Leuk is planning another craft fair on April 1st 2012 in Groningen!!

I am so super excited for this. In November I went to my first one there, and although it was a bit cold we didn’t have any snow, and I had great neighbours and it turned out a lovely day. Even with the trouble of carrying all my stock and displays to the fair by bicycle (two of us) I still managed to fill a 4meter booth!

So this time the fair is Sunday April 1st (lets hope its no April fools!!) so I have to get my new collection of Easter decorations ready for it. I also decided I would have an area on my stand for my sewing patterns too. Although my patterns are in English, many Dutch people can read English so I hope that wont be a problem.

So over the coming months I am going to be experimenting with more display ideas, especially ways to add height to my display but still be easy to transport by bicycle!

Diezijn Leuk website
Diezijn Leuk on Facebook

Dutch and end of new year slump!!

Argh!! This morning I had my Dutch speaking exam. I sadly failed my first attempt before Christmas (I was just sooo nervous I made so many small silly mistakes). I hope I did better this time, I tried to keep calm and kept telling myself I could do it, because when I am speaking Dutch with my boyfriend I have no problem. I wont hear for another week but gosh I am hoping I did ok this time.

Oh another note, I got my sewing swing back a bit!
I though, what project do I love to do the most? Answer is my Rapunzel organiser towers. I just adore each one I make.

This time I made it in purple and as usual I am totally in love with it 😛 But it is available in my etsy shop if someone else loves it just as much.

I also made two button hearts ready for valentines! See these also in my etsy shop.

Rag quilt for my soon to arrive cousin

The other day I saw a lovely pink rag quilt featured on Craft Gossip.

Rikka from ricochet and away made the cute quilt for her daughter and it is the first time I have seen a rag quilt.
I loved the idea because as Rikka says in her post, you can work on one square at a time making it perfect when you only have limited work space (like me!)
So here is my piles of fabric all cut out, and piles of batting and I am getting ready to start sewing them together this evening (but have to clear it all away to have dinner in a bit).

I will show it all finished over the weekend!

I lied to myself!

I had promised myself I would wait until life was a bit calmer to do my first “add-on” doll pattern, but I lied to myself thinking I could manage that!
Today I finished sewing the items for my next new pattern, “Hero’s & Villian’s!”

(sorry for the terrible image! It was took dark when I took it and the flash went all weird)

When I finish writing up the pattern tomorrow/friday (and take a better photo) I will show more and tell more about the pattern.

Finished custom cushion order

This afternoon I finished the last cushion in my custom order.

I just adore how they turned out and tomorrow the will be on their way to a new home and a snuggly couch!

Tomorrow I will doing the final testing of my next doll pattern. I had planned to have the pattern ready by the weekend but got delayed when my printer got hungry and just kept munching up paper. Now I have a new printer and can print off the pattern to check it is all correct. Hopefully I will have it ready by Monday for you all (maybe Tuesday is I get lazy busy).