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Toastie PJ’s!!

Yesterday I went to all 7 shops in Groningen that sell craft and sewing supplies. I was looking for 7mm red satin ribbon but not a single one had it in stock! So I came home all sad because I would have to wait to make a new red ballet dancer doll ūüôĀ

But one cool thing I did find yesterday were these PJ’s!! They are AWESOME!!!!

I found the PJ’s on David & Goliath clothing website. Sadly they are only in children size else I would have bought them without a pause! I wish I could find some fabric like the pants are made from, it would be great for making some¬†business¬†stuff with!
It has inspired me to give some fabric printing a go. I found this tutorial awhile ago about how to print to fabric using your computers printer (without using freezer paper since I can not find it in the Netherlands) and I read somewhere else that washing the fabric in white vinegar sets the colours so they don’t wash out. If it goes well I will share how I did it next week.

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Fabric & felt boxes

5 days left until the craft fair and I am starting to panic now! I have so much I still want to do! And I am so excited and hopeful that the craft fair will go well.

This is what my morning looked like (cut while watching tv last night)

And this is what it looked like this afternoon (still another 2 boxes to sew later tonight)

These are going to be new collection of fabric and felt storage boxes that I will be adding to my etsy shop soon (I need to order more felt as I used it all up making stuff for the fair!)

And this is the pile ready to greet me tomorrow morning

Happy and with tutorial plans

Yesterday I was so excited to find out that within 1 hour of listing my Little Red Riding Hood she was bought!! Today she is on her way to her new owner where I am sure she will get lots of love.

I was also super happy to be asked if I could write some tutorials for the EtsyKids team blog! I am already writing a list of tutorials to share there (and here on my own blog) and think I am going to go through a series of felt food tutorials.
So far I have

  • More fruit (apples, oranges, pear, banana)
  • Fruit salad mix
  • Veggies
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Bigger desserts, pies, sweets etc
  • Sushi
  • Pizza & toppings
And lots more, if there is something you would like added to the list, please leave it in a comment and I will see what I can do about including it!
I will be posting my next tutorial over the weekend so check back then what I pick to do first!

Pattern writing

This weekend I sat down and thought about writing some of my creations into patterns. I have had a couple of questions about if I would do this and think it could be a nice idea.
I have several items that I have designed but decided not to list in my etsy shop simply because they are too big to post (TNT have very high prices for parcels). It is sad to see them sitting on my shelf, never to be loved, never to have any brothers or sisters.

So soon I hope to be finishing my first pattern which will be for my strawberry tote bag (this is the one people have asked about). But I am not sure my pattern will be clear enough for others to follow so I would like to know if someone would like to test my pattern for me? You will get a free copy of the pattern and will need to give me feedback within 1-2 weeks. And once the finished pattern is done you will get a copy of that too. You will need a sewing machine to make the bag and have to buy the fabric to make it.
So if you are interested in testing my pattern please send me an email at
Thank you to Angela for testing the pattern for me! It is now available in my Etsy shop.

First ever craft fair

Last week I decided I would take the big plunge and book a spot at an upcoming craft fair. I have been terribly nervous about doing a craft fair, but also see it as a great opportunity.

So I will be at “Hip en Handgemaakt Markt” on Sunday June 5th 2011 in Deventer.

Until then I will be busy preparing for the fair, getting things for my table display and keeping my stock levels up. And also I will be working more on my Dutch so I don’t need to rely on people¬†visiting¬†the fair speaking English!