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Colourful Christmas House Printable

Gosh 2nd of December, the weekends are flying by, but at last I have most of my Christmas presents wrapped, and only a short list of stuff left to buy!!

For this weekends tutorial I am sharing a fun printable, because I love an easy craft that you can just print, cut and stick together!!

These colourful and happy Christmas houses look adorable as ornaments, or decorating your fireplace. Maybe even as name holders for the dinner table on Christmas day!

Colourful Christmas House (Pink)
Colourful Christmas House (Blue)

To make them simply download the files above (in pink and blue).
Print off the file onto white card stock. Cut around the outside (along the solid lines) and then fold along the dotted lines. Using glue, or double sided tape fold the box close using the tabs.
You can add a piece of cotton thread from the roof to hang them on the tree if you like.


Summer Kid Craft Projects – Paper Lollies

When I lived in the UK I was a member of Girlguiding, and often helped plan meetings and activities, especially the craft ones. As such I have a hoorde of kid craft projects on my computer and after watching the BBC weather advert (with the kids acting like royalty over their mum, demanding to be entertained) I figured I could share some with you and help keep the kids happy this summer.

So some summer paper Crafts

Paper Ice Lollies

Print off the pdf design (2 lollies a sheet) and let the kids colour them in. Then cut out the shapes, fold in half and stick together with a popsicle stick in the middle.
Download pdf file

Flip-Flop Matching Game

Print off the pdf file and cut out the squares. For younger children they can just match the colours, for older children they have to match colour, and left and right foot.
Download pdf file

St Martins Day {tutorial}

It makes me sad seeing all the fun Halloween posts in blog land over the last few weeks. So many beautiful costumes made and decorations but in the Netherlands no one really celebrates it.
But we do celebrate St. Martins Day on 11th November!
On St. Martins night kids walk around the neighbourhood with handmade paper lanterns or candles. They knock at your door and sing you a little song about St. Martin in exchange for some candy.

Although St. Martins Day is not celebrated everywhere in the world, I am sharing a little tutorial to make paper lanterns today. You can always use the tutorial to make some lanterns for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

You will need:
Template (download here, includes small and medium template)
Coloured card
Tissue paper
Decorating materials, this can be what ever you have on hand, pencils, glitter, stickers, felt etc.

Print off the template onto your coloured card stock and cut around the edge and cut the 4 squares out of the panels. Score along the fold lines to make it easier later on.
If you are making the medium lantern, glue the two pieces together so it looks like the small lantern template and keep some scrap card to make the hanging loop.

Cut your tissue paper into squares big enough to cover the cut out panels and glue them into place on the back side of the lantern.

Turn your lantern over and take your decorating materials and make your lantern look super pretty! You can really use anything to decorate it with.

Once you have finished glue the end tab of the lantern to the other side so you get a square.

Then glue each of the tabs on the top two sections all the way around making the lanterns shape.

Now glue on the little handle strip, or use ribbon if you prefer.

In the Netherlands you can buy little sticks with string on one end and an electric candle attached so you can hang them from the stick to go out and sing with. But you can always leave them on the table with an electric candle inside.

NOTE these lanterns are made from paper, do not use a real candle in them as its a fire hazard!!

Halloween treat box {printable}

I love some of the cute printable’s that I have seen around the internet! Since I love to play around in Photoshop when I am bored, I decided to give making some printable’s a go and made this cute little Halloween treat box.

The box prints onto 1 page, and makes a cute box for Halloween favours or presents for the kids this Halloween!

You can download the pdf file here, and just make sure to print it with no scaling / 100%.

I am sharing this printable in the following link parties: