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Colourful Christmas House Printable

Gosh 2nd of December, the weekends are flying by, but at last I have most of my Christmas presents wrapped, and only a short list of stuff left to buy!!

For this weekends tutorial I am sharing a fun printable, because I love an easy craft that you can just print, cut and stick together!!

These colourful and happy Christmas houses look adorable as ornaments, or decorating your fireplace. Maybe even as name holders for the dinner table on Christmas day!

Colourful Christmas House (Pink)
Colourful Christmas House (Blue)

To make them simply download the files above (in pink and blue).
Print off the file onto white card stock. Cut around the outside (along the solid lines) and then fold along the dotted lines. Using glue, or double sided tape fold the box close using the tabs.
You can add a piece of cotton thread from the roof to hang them on the tree if you like.


Summer Kid Craft Projects – Paper Lollies

When I lived in the UK I was a member of Girlguiding, and often helped plan meetings and activities, especially the craft ones. As such I have a hoorde of kid craft projects on my computer and after watching the BBC weather advert (with the kids acting like royalty over their mum, demanding to be entertained) I figured I could share some with you and help keep the kids happy this summer.

So some summer paper Crafts

Paper Ice Lollies

Print off the pdf design (2 lollies a sheet) and let the kids colour them in. Then cut out the shapes, fold in half and stick together with a popsicle stick in the middle.
Download pdf file

Flip-Flop Matching Game

Print off the pdf file and cut out the squares. For younger children they can just match the colours, for older children they have to match colour, and left and right foot.
Download pdf file

Chinese New Year Lanterns {Printable}

Yesterday was Chinese New Year!! 2012 is the year of the dragon

To celebrate I have a fun printable to share with you! Chinese Paper Lanterns

Download in black & white
Download in colour

1.  Print out the lantern. You can print off the black and white version if printing onto red paper, or if you want to make a fun colouring activities with the kids.

2. Cut out the lanterns. Cut along the solid black lines, and fold along the dashed black lines.

3.  Starting at one end of the lantern, glue or tape each of the tabs onto the next panel of the lantern. Keep going all the way around the lantern, for the top and bottom tabs. When you reach the end, glue the last tabs onto the first panel.

4.  Punch two holes at the top of the lantern (where indicated with black dots). Thread the lanterns onto some string, or onto some fairy lights like I did. Do not place a flame inside the lanterns.

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Thank you printable}

I have to admit I am terrible at sending out thank you cards after Christmas. Half the time it is end January before I do them *shamed*

This year I saw in the shops some thank you cards for kids and knew I wanted to design my own. And I thought they would make a great final addition to my advent calendar.

I designed two sets that are available for download. You get two letters per sheet of paper. Simply print at 100% scale and trim down.
Download: Red GirlBlue Boy
I also have other thank you card printables in my etsy shop, including ones like this where you can design the character and colour scheme.

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Pet Christmas Stocking}

I never forget to buy something sweet for my pets at Christmas. They are just as much a part of the family as anyone else!! So they deserve to have a little stocking hung up for them too!!

Red fabric
White felt from Sew Sweet
Pattern (download it here)

How to:
Start by downloading and printing off the pdf pattern. Then cut out all the pieces from your fabric and felt.

Take one paw piece and machine stitch the felt toes and palm onto it.

Machine sew each of the felt top edge to the fabric paws. Sew it so the top edge is facing the reverse of the fabric paw (this goes against what your sewing mind is telling you)
For the front paw piece lay it right way down and sew the felt top edge along the top.

For the back paw piece lay it right way down add a ribbon loop and then the felt top edge on top and sew it all together like the other paw piece.

Pin the two paws with right sides together and machine stitch around the edge, leaving the top edge open.

Turn the stocking the right way out and fold down the felt edge. You may need to iron it a bit to make it stay down nicely.

Now you just need to go buy some presents for your pet!!