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Christmas Challenge – Round Up

Well today I had to get my presents in the post to my family, so it was the deadline for me also for the Christmas Challange.
Now the big question, did I complete my Christmas sewing list?


This weekend was crazy, but I managed it! I did all my Christmas gift sewing, my craft exchange sewing, custom orders and wholesale Christmas items! Phew!
Over the last couple of weeks I made:
1 Sponge Bob cushion

1 Gruffallo cushion

2 Christmas stockings, filled with sweets

2 Fabric storage baskets filled with sweets

6 shopping bag holders in different colours for family members

And now it is all wrapped up and in the post to my family in time for Christmas.

For the next week I will have a little break from sewing while I catch up with all my other work, website etc
And on Thursday begins my Christmas Tutorial Advent Calendar!!

Christmas Challenge – Week Two

ARGH!! My Christmas sewing keeps getting side tracked!! I did at least make a start on gifts.
I made two fabric boxes from camouflage fabric, and filled them with a selection of dutch chocolates and sweets.

Later today I am cutting out and sewing two stockings for my nephews which I will also be filling with dutch candy.
And I am still madly searching for ideas on what to make for the adults and need to find something fast as time is running out!! 2 weeks left till I need to send it all off!!

Christmas Challange – Week One

Last week I shared my list for the Christmas Challenge hosted by polka dot daze. Because of the craft fair I haven’t really done much on the list, but I did make sketches of my cushion designs for my nephews.

I am making them a sponge bob cushion and a gruffalo cushion.

I also did some more brainstorming for adult gifts. I find this so difficult because I normally make children’s things. I have been pinning lots of ideas on pinterest and will have to make up my mind by the end of the week!
And although I don’t know what I am making, I did find a really pretty fabric yesterday that I think I will be using.

My Christmas Challenge List

Well this last week was busy, but I did find some time to think about my Christmas gift list! I am also including items I need to make for two birthdays as I have to post them with all my other items back to the UK at the end of November.

Kids gifts
4 large felt Christmas stockings with different designs. I am going to then fill with dutch chocolate and candy.
1 Sponge Bob cushion cover
1 Gruffalo cushion cover

Adult gifts
I need to find an idea to make small gifts for older family members. I am still trying to decide what to make/buy for them but here are some ideas.

  • Christmas decorations
  • Candles or soap
  • Dutch candy hamper in a handmade box
  • Felt coffee coasters with cup and coffee beans
  • Lavender scent bag
  • And still searching for more ideas

I sometimes wish I had kids because then there are so many other ideas I could make!

In addition to Christmas gifts, I am also getting started on ideas for this years Christmas tutorial advent calendar. I will post about that next week!

The Christmas Challenge!

I am taking part in the Christmas Challenge over on Polka Dot Daze! I know we haven’t even had Halloween yet (not that it is celebrated much in the Netherlands) but I can’t help being in the Christmas mood already!

I think this is partly because this year (like last year) I am making all the presents for my family members. But because my family live in the UK I need to have everything ready in plenty of time to post over to them for Christmas. So the Christmas Challenge sounded like great motivation for me!

Everyone taking part is sharing their Christmas “to make” list and we all keep each other motivated to get the whole list done before the end of November! If you feel like taking part to, go over to Polka Dot Daze and leave a comment.