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Christmas Tutorial Advent {A Collection}

For my final day of the Christmas Tutorial Advent I am showing a collection of some of my favourite tutorials I have seen published around blog land this month!

1. 3D Christmas Tree Gingerbread Cookies from Not Martha

2. Scrappy Stocking Christmas Ornament from Stumbles & Stitches

3. DIY Diet Coke Ornament from Sips etc

4. Candy Cane Marbled Ornaments from the Cheese Thief

5. Crochet Christmas Trees from Annemaries

6. Salt Dough Ornaments from Melissa Weicker

7. Joy Christmas Door Decorations from the Country Chic Cottage

8. bite-size holiday cookies in a jar from the Decorated Cookie

9. Sock Santa from lolovie

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Thank you printable}

I have to admit I am terrible at sending out thank you cards after Christmas. Half the time it is end January before I do them *shamed*

This year I saw in the shops some thank you cards for kids and knew I wanted to design my own. And I thought they would make a great final addition to my advent calendar.

I designed two sets that are available for download. You get two letters per sheet of paper. Simply print at 100% scale and trim down.
Download: Red GirlBlue Boy
I also have other thank you card printables in my etsy shop, including ones like this where you can design the character and colour scheme.

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Peppermint Cushion}

I can’t help myself! I keep thinking of lovely peppermint designs! Today I have a tutorial to make a peppermint circle cushion!

Red Fabric
White Fabric
2 Large Red or White buttons
Sewing Machine etc
Pattern (download it here)

How to:
Begin by printing off the pattern and using it to cut out 12 white pieces and 12 red pieces.

Pair up a white and red piece, right sides together and sew along one edge.

Repeat for all pieces so you have a total of 12 joined pieces.

Now take 3 of the pieces, and sew them together so they go white/red/white/red etc

Repeat this so you now have 4 semi circle pieces.

Then pin two semi circles right side together and sew across them, so now you have 1 big circle in alternating colours.

Repeat for the other two semi circles so you have 2 full circles. Iron the seams flat for a nicer finish.
As you can seen on mine, none of the centers line is perfectly, but we will hide that later on with the buttons 😛

Place the two circles right sides together and line up the sections so white is on white, and red is on red.
Pin in place and sew all the way around the outer edge, leaving one piece open with a gap (it is a lot easier to not have the gap on a seam)

Clip the curves and turn the cushion right way out. Stuff it nice and full and plump, then ladder stitch the opening closed.

Thread a needle and pass it from one side of the cushion to the other, through the center point. Add 1 large button and thread back through the cushion. Add the other button and keep sewing back and forth through the cushion. Pull the thread tightly so that it makes the cushion dip in the middle. Secure the thread and you have your peppermint cushion!

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Star Keychain}

I like making new keychains. It is something new and colourful to add to my keys, and after a month the old ones are getting a bit dirty and icky from my messy bag!
So I figured I should make a fun Christmas keychain. I picked out some blue and white beads from my collection, you can really make this with any colour scheme and what ever beads you have lying around.

2 x 50cm pieces of cord/leather/wool/string/ribbon etc.
1 Split ring
8 Large beads (big enough for two strands of cord)
4 Special beads (I used star shaped ones)
24 Smaller beads

How to:
Fold both pieces of cord in half and slip the split ring on. Tie a knot just below the split ring.

Take the two middle pieces of cord and thread them through 1 large bead. Then take the two outer pieces of cord and thread them through another large bead. Wrap the two middle strands around the bead and thread another bead on. Keep repeating until you use up all your large beads.

Knot the cord, then add single knots to each of the single strands. Do 2 knots 1cm from the big knot, and 2 knots 2cm from the big knot.

For each strand, add 1 small bead, 1 special bead, 5 small beads and knot the end and trim. Repeat for all 4 strands.

That is your keychain finished, super simple right! Makes a lovely last minute gift, or could even make a nice tree decoration. You could add some bells too for a little jingling 🙂

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Chocolate nut circles}

A while ago I saw a recipe on the BBC. It was circles of chocolate with almonds and nuts on top. I personally hate HATE nuts, but my boyfriend saw the recipe and was right away begging me to make him some.
I was too lazy too look up the recipe, but you can view it here. Or here is how I did it after watching the show.

  1. Chop you pistacho nuts up, and some orange candy peel.
  2. Place some almond shavings on a tray and stick under a low grill for a couple of minutes, then sprinkle some sugar over and put back for a minute. Keep an eye on them as they can burn quickly!
  3. Mix the nuts and candy peel together and add some sea salt flakes and mix it all up.
  4. Melt some milk chocolate in the microwave (careful not to burn it).
  5. Spoon the chocolate onto some baking paper and make small discs from it, then sprinkle with the nut mixture and leave for the chocolate to set. Then you can put them in some little bags and decorate all pretty to give for family and friends!