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Happy Christmas House {tutorial}

This weekend I want to share a tutorial to make a cute little house for your Christmas tree.
The wonderful thing about this project is it looks cute in lots of different colours, so will match your trees colour scheme!! (I am very big on having a Christmas tree colour scheme!)

I made my little house in bright colours, because these were the scrap bits I had left after my star garland making last week.

To make it all you need is some scrap felt, ribbon loop, and sewing threads. And you can download my template here. (but it is so simple you could wing it and cut your own!)

Use the template to cut out your house pieces. (picture 1)
Take the front of the house and sew your door onto it, add a French knot to make a door handle. (picture 2)
Layer up your house pieces. House front -> window back light -> house back. Sew around the edge of the house (no need to do the top edge) (picture 3)
To add the roof, it should overlap the top of the house by about 1cm. Sew across the bottom of the roof first, with the house sandwiched between the two roof layers. Then continue going around the top of the roof, adding the chimney and ribbon loop at the top when you get to those points. (picture 4)

And your house is done! These would also make cute gift tags, or even new home gifts! You could add some lavender into the house to make a scented draw thingy (gah what are those called?). But yeah, lots of options!

Have a Popsicle Christmas!

I love popsicle crafts! Some thing they are just for kids and preschool but I find them fun too 🙂
Today I have a tutorial to make a little sleigh out of popsicles, and all you need is 8 sticks, some wool and your glue gun!

1. Start by gluing two sticks together. Then glue a stick either side of these, about 1cm lower down.

2. Then at right angles glue a stick on either side to make the edges.

3. Cut a popsicle stick in half, then snip off the ends so it fits within the edges of the sleigh, and glue it down.

4. Add a popsicle across the back of the sleigh, and add some wool or ribbon to hang it up with!

You could then paint them, or add glitter.. endless possibilities!

Colourful Christmas House Printable

Gosh 2nd of December, the weekends are flying by, but at last I have most of my Christmas presents wrapped, and only a short list of stuff left to buy!!

For this weekends tutorial I am sharing a fun printable, because I love an easy craft that you can just print, cut and stick together!!

These colourful and happy Christmas houses look adorable as ornaments, or decorating your fireplace. Maybe even as name holders for the dinner table on Christmas day!

Colourful Christmas House (Pink)
Colourful Christmas House (Blue)

To make them simply download the files above (in pink and blue).
Print off the file onto white card stock. Cut around the outside (along the solid lines) and then fold along the dotted lines. Using glue, or double sided tape fold the box close using the tabs.
You can add a piece of cotton thread from the roof to hang them on the tree if you like.


Tinsel Christmas Wreath with Bells {Tutorial}

I am terrible! It is November and I have my Christmas tree up already, and am getting my decorations out!!!
I just could never help myself and can’t wait till 1st December, I don’t know how those who decorate on Christmas Eve do it!!

Well in my decorating I wanted to make a Christmas Wreath to match this years theme of purple and blue peacock colours. And figured I would share how I made it as this weeks tutorial.

Polystyrene ring (mine is 25″)
Pins and thread.

Step 1
Wrap your ring with the tinsel. I used a pin at each end to secure it into the ring, but you could hot glue if you plan to keep the wreath for next year too.

Step 2
Wrap your ribbon around the tinsel. Again I secured it at the back with a pin.

Step 3
It is hard to see, but in the last photo I have added bells. I threaded them onto a piece of cotton thread and wrapped that around the ring like the ribbon. And again I secured with a pin.

And thats it! Super easy huh? You could use baubles instead of bells if you like. And I am going to look for some of those battery LED lights, I think those would look awesome on it too!

Felt Christmas Tree Light {Tutorial}

6 weeks till Christmas!!

Just want to run around a scream a little (just a tiny bit). But I am slowly getting everything done and have a fun and busy week ahead of me still.
For this weeks tutorial in my count down to Christmas I have a lovely white felt Christmas tree decorated in beautiful colourful buttons. It looks just lovely with one of those “fake” tea light candles inside of it.

White Felt (or you could make it in any colour!)
Colourful Buttons
Thread, scissors etc.
Pattern (Download it here)

How To
So download the pattern and use it to cut out your tree shape from felt. And also get together all your buttons. (I just love all my Sew Sweet buttons!)

Pick through your buttons and lay them out on your tree. Keep about 1cm in from the edges so you can sew it closed later. Carefully move the buttons off the felt, keeping them in the same pattern (you can take a photo which helped me get them back how I wanted them). Sew each button onto the felt tree.

Fold your tree in half (with the buttons on the inside) and pin it along the edge. Sew down this edge, I suggest doing this by hand because the buttons can get in the way a little.

Turn the tree right way out, you may need a pencil to get the tip to turn out fully. And your Christmas tree is ready to look all pretty!!

Please note, do not put a real tea light candle inside the tree, you don’t want your tree to catch fire!!

Come back next weekend for another great Christmas tutorial!!