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Butterfly Felt Soft Toy Tutorial & Pattern

Finally spring is here (at last!!!!!) It is so nice having the sunshine, I had a picnic in the park this weekend and I saw a bumble bee and a butterfly fluttering around, it was so nice. And it was the inspiration for this tutorial!

Felt – I used lavender, white and pink splatter designer felt from Sew Sweet
2 pieces of mini ric rac, cut to 7cm / 3 inch long
Small bit of toy stuffing
Sewing threads, scissors etc
Download the patten here (pdf)

Step 1
Download and print off the pattern. Use it to cut out your felt shapes. I cut 2 body pieces from lavender felt, 2 wing pieces from white felt and 2 wing pieces from the pink splatter designer felt.
This butterfly would also look awesome in rainbow colours, or pastels, lots of creative options!


Step 2
Take two wing pieces and place them back to back. Sew around the outside edge, I used contrasting pink thread to make it stand out.
Then if you like, you can add extra detail to the wing, I free motioned did the patterns on the wings with my sewing machine, you could do these by hand, or sew on sequins or buttons. Get creative.


Step 3
Take one of your body piece and pin the two wings to it. Take your two pieces of mini ric rac and pin those in place too.

Then take your other body piece and pin that to the opposite site, so the wings and ric rac is between the two.

Step 4
Sew around the body of the butterfly, start where the body meets the bottom of one of the wings and take care that you sew through the front and back body piece with each stitch.
When you get back around to the bottom of the body pause to push some stuffing into the head and body, then finish stitching round to where you started.

Overlap your stitches slightly for extra strength, and knot the thread.
Your butterfly soft toy is finished!! I added a little bit of ribbon to the back so I can hang it up on my balcony, it looks so pretty there 🙂

I hope to have another spring tutorial next week too! So be sure to visit again.

Fruity Plushies!!!

As promised on Thursday with my feeling fruity etsy treasury today’s special news is of a release of my next sewing pattern… for fruity plushies!!

I have one more plushie to finish photographing tonight to make the set complete and will release the pattern tomorrow in my Etsy shop.

And also on Wednesday I will be announcing a special giveaway to celebrate the fact my blog reached 200 followers!! Yay!!! So be sure to check back then.

New Sewing Pattern – Little Red Riding Hood

Yay!! I finally finished writing up my next sewing pattern!! I have had the pattern and images ready for a couple of weeks, but not had the time to stick it into illustrator and get it all pretty for you, but now it is finished!!

I am working on two Easter patterns now, hopefully I can get them finished in the next week before my craft fair (fingers crossed!!)