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Hexagon Coasters – Tutorial

I always dream that one day I will have the time (and motivation) to make a quilt. I love the hexagon quilts I see popping up on some of the blogs I read and admire the time and patience it takes to cut and sew all those hexagons together. For now though I wanted to stay a bit more in my comfort zone and made these cute hexagon felt coasters.

hexagon coaster tutorial

They are super easy to make, and you can make them your own by picking a colour scheme to match your personal taste and style.

Sewing Threads
Hexagon template

  1. For each coaster you need 7 small hexagons. You can use the template (link above) to cut them out.
  2. Pin the small hexagons onto a piece of felt leaving a small gap (2mm) between each hexagon. Handstitch around each hexagon to secure it to the backing felt.
  3. Add a second layer of felt behind the one you just sewed the hexagons onto and stitch around the outside of your hexagons (I used my sewing machine as it was quicker).
  4. Trim around your hexagons leaving 2mm of felt around the edge.

hexagon coaster tutorial

And that is it! Repeat for however many coasters you need to make.

I also make a set in bright rainbow colours. What colours would you use for your coasters?

hexagon coaster tutorial

Sweet Valentine Hidden Message Keychain {Tutorial}

It has been a while since I shared a tutorial on my blog, but today I have a cutey for you!

seceret valentine message keychain

Felt – I used wool blend ready cut felt shapes from viltenknopen.
Ribbon – 6cm long
Keychain ring
Sewing threads etc.
Template (if not using ready cut felt pieces)


  1. I used ready cut felt circles and heart for my keychain, but I also included a template for you to cut your own from felt. Cut out your felt pieces, you need 2 large circles, 1 small circle and 1 heart.
  2. Sew the heart onto the small circle, it is nice to use a contrasting thread colour.
  3. Sew the small circle onto the centre of one of the large circles.
  4. Take the other large circle, fold it in half, and snip a line about 1/3 of the way along, so you have a slit in the circle (to hide your secret message in).
  5. Put the two large circles together, add the ribbon folded in half at the top and stitch around the two circles.
  6. Add a keychain ring to the ribbon loop, and hide a secret message inside the pocket before giving it to your valentine!

Apple Tree Brooch Tutorial

It may be getting into Autumn, but today I am sharing this apple tree brooch tutorial with you.

felt apple tree tutorial

This is a real simple, yet adorable felt apple tree brooch that you can make with just a few supplies.


Start by downloading the free pattern (listed above), print it off and use it to cut out your pieces of felt.

On the larger felt circle, sew a brooch bar onto the back.

apple tree tutorial

Sew the smaller felt circle onto the other side of the larger felt circle.

Take the felt tree trunk, and position it on the felt circles so the brooch bar on the back is horizontal. Then sew down the middle of the tree trunk.

Then take a mini red button, and sew it onto the top left corner of the ‘tree’. That is your cute brooch all finished.

This would also make a lovely gift for teachers at the end of the school year. Or why not make it with orange and yellow felt for an autumn tree like this one.

apple tree brooch tutorial

“Love” Pencil Case {tutorial}

Last week I shared this tutorial on Sew Sweet, but for those of you who missed it and still need to make a pencil case before school starts back here it is!

The pencil case is made from fabric, with felt appliqué “Love” sewn onto the front.

Felt in some fun colours
8″ Zip
Flower Buttons (optional)
Basic Sewing Supplies
Download the template here

Step 1
From your fabric you need to cut 4 pieces that are 14cm by 22cm. You want 2 in your outer fabric, and 2 in your lining fabric.

Step 2
Print off the template (linked above) and use it to cut out your “Love” from felt. Because some of the pieces are small or tricky I use tape to stick them down and cut around them, makes it so much easier!

Step 3
Take one of your outer pieces of fabric and pin the “Love” in the center with a slight slant to it.

Stitch around the edge of each letter and the pink background to secure it all to the fabric.

Add some bright flower buttons if you want to (and ignore the sewn in zip, we will do that next!)

Step 4
Take your front piece of fabric (in my case blue check) and with right side facing upwards lay the zip facing downwards on it. Then add the lining fabric with that facing down (so the two fabrics have right side facing).

Sew along the top edge, leaving enough space between the zip and seam. Repeat the process for the other side of the zip.

Step 5
Fold open the fabric pieces, so the two lining fabric are facing each other, and the two outer pieces are facing each other. (Make sure to leave the zip half open)

Pin in place and sew all the way around the edge, leaving just a small gap at the bottom of the lining fabric.

Through the gap we left turn the pencil case right way out. Sew along the bottom of the lining to close the hole that we used for turning.

And you are done! Already for going back to school.

Sunshine Hair Clip Holder {Tutorial}

Today I have a summer inspired craft to share, a tutorial to make a “Sunshine” hair clip holder.

felt hair clip holder

It is very simple to make, just needs felt and ribbon and was all hand stitched. Below is the tutorial to make your own.


Step 1
Print off the pattern pdf and use it to cut out your felt pieces.

felt hair clip holder

Step 2
Take one light blue felt circle and hand stitch the gold/orange bit of the sun to it. Then stitch the yellow center of the sun on top.

felt hair clip holder

Step 3
Place your second light blue felt circle behind the sun one. Fold the shorter ribbon piece into a loop and position it at the top, and tuck the single end of the longer ribbon piece in at the bottom, pin in place and hand stitch around the outside of the circle.

felt hair clip holder

Step 4
Take the two cloud pieces and pin them together, then at the top of the cloud add the other end of the long piece of ribbon between the felt pieces and pin in place. Hand stitch around the outside of the cloud, so the ribbon is secure between the pieces.

felt hair clip holder

And your hair clip holder is finished! Now you need to make some felt hair clips to store on it!

felt hair clip holder

The ones in the picture were made from covering some metal hair clips in green wool, and adding a felt flower, I am sharing the tutorial to make these on Sew Sweet this Monday, so be sure to check out if you want to make some too.