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Bow-licious Garland Tutorial

Can’t believe it is nearly the end of June now! Summer holidays are so close and I am ready for summer fun, family parties and celebrations!

Today I am sharing a lovely tutorial to make a pretty “Bow-licious Garland” from felt, and through out the month of July I will be sharing extra felt tutorials to continue the party mood!


So lets get started!!

You will need:

  • Felt in your party theme colours, I went with vintage colours, you could do red, white and blue, or different shades of pink, or a bright mix.
  • 2m of Ribbon, 9 bows makes about 150cm of bunting and you want to add a bit to the end to tie it up.
  • Cotton thread,¬†Glue Gun & Scissors


You first want to pick out your felt colours, and decide the order you want it to go in. Keep in mind we will have 9 bows. I wanted pink, white, blue, white, pink, white, blue, white, pink as my colours for this garland.

So I cut out:

  • 4 x White rectangle, 12cm by 6cm
  • 4 x White rectangle, 6cm by 1.5cm
  • 3 x Pink rectangle, 12cm by 6cm
  • 3 x Pink rectangle, 6cm by 1.5cm
  • 2 x Blue rectangle, 12cm by 6cm
  • 2 x Blue rectangle, 6cm by 1.5cm

You can mix and match the colours, but for each bow you need one piece of 12cm by 6cm and another of 6cm by 1.5cm.


Take your ribbon and find the center point and mark it with a pen. Then make another mark 16cm along, and another till you have 4 marks either side of the middle mark (9 total).


Take one of your large felt rectangles, and place it under so the middle of the felt is under the mark on the ribbon. Using a bit of thread make a knot around the middle and pull tight so it pulls the felt into a bow shape. (If your ribbon moves, you can pull it through the thread to get the mark back in the center).
Repeat this along the length of your ribbon at each mark, so you have 9 bows on it.


On the back of the bow (side with the ribbon) add a dot of hot glue, and stick your smaller piece of felt down. Wrap the felt around the front of the bow, add another dot of hot glue where you started to stick down the felt. Trim off the excess felt so you don’t see anything from the front.
Repeat this for the rest of your bows.


And you are finished!

I hope you make lots of lovely garlands! And don’t forget to stop back next week for some more felt party decorations!!

Bee Happy Felt Art Work {Tutorial}

I love all the fun printable art work you can find on Etsy, so many colours and prints and ideas, it is all very beautiful. But sometimes, a plain print framed on the wall is a little boring, it has no texture and it often the frames have glass so you have to tell the kids not to play with it etc. But if something is on the wall in a kids room, you want them to interact with it, to be able to take it down and touch it and get that sensory response. Back in 2011 I made some felt art pieces framed but I left out the glass so that they were kid friendly.

And this week I made a new one, and took some photos along the way so you can make one too. And it is also super easy to change from my design to create your own felt art work, maybe even get the kids to make their own?


  • Photo Frame – I used a 10″ by 8″, but you can adjust the tutorial to fit any size frame, just need to scale down or up my pdf pattern.
  • Felt – You need one big piece for the background, and scraps for the design.
  • Sewing threads, scissors etc.
  • Bee Happy Template

Step 1
Download and print off the bumble bee pattern. It has two pages, first is the overall layout, second is the pattern pieces and embroidery shapes. I included the text in normal and mirror, depending on how you prefer to do embroidery work.
Cut out a background felt piece to the size of your frame, in my case 10inch by 8inch. (I traced around the frame back).

Step 2
Using the layout page, sketch the “bee happy” text, and flight path onto your felt. I sketched them reversed onto the back of the felt so the pen lines wont show, but you can also use one of those disappearing pens, or tracing paper, what ever method you are comfortable with.

Embroider the “bee happy” text with black or grey thread. and for the flight path use a running stitch, so you create the dash look.

Step 3
Take your bumble bee pattern and use it to cut out the pieces from scrap felt. Then stitch them into place onto your big piece of felt. (Use the layout page to help place it).

Order to stitch down: Wings, Yellow body, Black stripes, Eye. Then embroider the smile and antenna. (I forgot to sew on his smile!)

Step 4
Quickly go over your art with an iron to get rid of any wrinkles you might have made in the felt as you were sewing. And then to mount your felt art so it stays firmly in the frame without any glass, add some double sided tape to the backing board and stick the felt down. And then just pop it in the frame and admire ūüôā

Butterfly Felt Soft Toy Tutorial & Pattern

Finally spring is here (at last!!!!!) It is so nice having the sunshine, I had a picnic in the park this weekend and I saw a bumble bee and a butterfly fluttering around, it was so nice. And it was the inspiration for this tutorial!

Felt РI used lavender, white and pink splatter designer felt from Sew Sweet
2 pieces of mini ric rac, cut to 7cm / 3 inch long
Small bit of toy stuffing
Sewing threads, scissors etc
Download the patten here (pdf)

Step 1
Download and print off the pattern. Use it to cut out your felt shapes. I cut 2 body pieces from lavender felt, 2 wing pieces from white felt and 2 wing pieces from the pink splatter designer felt.
This butterfly would also look awesome in rainbow colours, or pastels, lots of creative options!


Step 2
Take two wing pieces and place them back to back. Sew around the outside edge, I used contrasting pink thread to make it stand out.
Then if you like, you can add extra detail to the wing, I free motioned did the patterns on the wings with my sewing machine, you could do these by hand, or sew on sequins or buttons. Get creative.


Step 3
Take one of your body piece and pin the two wings to it. Take your two pieces of mini ric rac and pin those in place too.

Then take your other body piece and pin that to the opposite site, so the wings and ric rac is between the two.

Step 4
Sew around the body of the butterfly, start where the body meets the bottom of one of the wings and take care that you sew through the front and back body piece with each stitch.
When you get back around to the bottom of the body pause to push some stuffing into the head and body, then finish stitching round to where you started.

Overlap your stitches slightly for extra strength, and knot the thread.
Your butterfly soft toy is finished!! I added a little bit of ribbon to the back so I can hang it up on my balcony, it looks so pretty there ūüôā

I hope to have another spring tutorial next week too! So be sure to visit again.

Spring Garland {Tutorial}

Spring is really rolling in here, in the afternoon my new flat is bathed in sunshine and it just feels so nice sitting by the window (still a bit cold to sit outside!)

So I wanted to share a tutorial to celebrate spring, and have really been enjoying making garlands the last two months, so made a spring birdie garland.

felt bird garland

Felt in spring colours. I used wool blend from Sew Sweet
Thin white ribbon (about 160cm)
Pattern (download here)

Making this garland is very simple, it is just the time cutting out all the pieces really.
So begin by downloading the pattern and use it to cut out your bird shapes and flower shapes from felt.
You need to cut out 5 flowers and 6 birds.

When I am cutting out delicate shapes like this, I like to cellotape the paper pattern to the felt and cut around it. You can be very accurate, leave no pen marks etc. And you can reuse the paper pattern.

Take your ribbon, and in one end make a loop and knot it. (You can skip this if you want to tie it up etc)

20cm from your knot, position your first birdie over the ribbon. Pin the birdie to the ribbon. Continue down the ribbon adding a flower and then a birdie. Leave a 2cm gap between each felt piece.

Then get out the sewing machine (or you can do it by hand).
Sew carefully along the ribbon, securing each of the felt pieces to it.

Trim any threads. and measure 20cm from your last bird, and add a loop and knot at that end of the ribbon to match the other end.
All done! And the place is feeling a lot more like spring!


Happy Christmas House {tutorial}

This weekend I want to share a tutorial to make a cute little house for your Christmas tree.
The wonderful thing about this project is it looks cute in lots of different colours, so will match your trees colour scheme!! (I am very big on having a Christmas tree colour scheme!)

I made my little house in bright colours, because these were the scrap bits I had left after my star garland making last week.

To make it all you need is some scrap felt, ribbon loop, and sewing threads. And you can download my template here. (but it is so simple you could wing it and cut your own!)

Use the template to cut out your house pieces. (picture 1)
Take the front of the house and sew your door onto it, add a French knot to make a door handle. (picture 2)
Layer up your house pieces. House front -> window back light -> house back. Sew around the edge of the house (no need to do the top edge) (picture 3)
To add the roof, it should overlap the top of the house by about 1cm. Sew across the bottom of the roof first, with the house sandwiched between the two roof layers. Then continue going around the top of the roof, adding the chimney and ribbon loop at the top when you get to those points. (picture 4)

And your house is done! These would also make cute gift tags, or even new home gifts! You could add some lavender into the house to make a scented draw thingy (gah what are those called?). But yeah, lots of options!