Felt Dumbbell Tutorial

Felt plushie dumbbell weight tutorial

Well so much for last week! So many thunder storms in Groningen last week that my computer blew up! But all is better now and to start this week off I have my first tutorial for you!

Last week it was my boyfriends brothers birthday. Boys can be so difficult to buy presents for, especially teenage boys so I sat and brainstormed for a good while before I came up with the idea to make him a plushie set of weights. He is very much into his fitness so it was a perfect idea.
Here is a picture of the finished plushie.
Felt Dumbbell Tutorial
I only made 1 and that one was made in a bit of a rush as I only had 1 day to do it in and had to fit it in around work. Looking back I thought it would have been even more cool if I had stitched into the side of the weights “2.5 Kg” but oh well. You can take the weights on and off and mix and match which is a nice touch.
I was so pleased with this plushie that I thought I would make it a tutorial and post it here. When I made mine I didn’t use a pattern (was in such a rush!) but I have drawn one up for you. You can download the tutorial here (free for personal use only). I hope you enjoy this plushie too.

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