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Packaging to me is one of the most important parts of selling a plushie (especially in a shop). So this week I have been looking for different packaging options for my plushies, but it is so difficult!
I want a bag to protect my items, but not a plastic bag as that is too plain. But a paper bag doesn’t allow people to see the items! I finally came across a perfect solution in a paper bag with a window in it but can no source any locally at an affordable cost.
So since I can do crafts I decided to make my own! Here is a picture of my new packaging!

I make them from a sheet of A4 paper, cut out a toast shaped hole and stick some plastic over it to create the window. Then I fold it into the shape and stick it all together. I think when I get my new site up on-line I will include some instructions for others to follow so they can make their own packaging.

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