Yay its done!!!

While I was vitising home last week my nephew had one of those worse things ever happen. He lost his (at the time) most favourite toy 🙁

Baby Einstein Octoplush. Picture from Amazon.co.uk

It was so sad to see him crying his eyes out when it came to bed time and he didn’t have his octopus to cuddle. I promised we would go out the next day and see if we could find him (or at least a replacement) but we had no luck so instead had ice cream!

But when I got home, I still felt so sorry for him so wanted to try and make him a new octopus. And well I spent all weekend working on the pattern, who would think 8 arms would be so difficult to work with!
Eventually I got a pattern that works and here is my finished octoplush!

I am so pleased with it, it is not identical, I just couldn’t make the big smiley grin look good on my light blue fleece. I gave it a fabric belly to add some colour and pattern to the plain blue. And of course mine doesn’t light up and play music, but I hope it will make Max a bit happier.

I think I will make a couple more in blue and pink, but I am not sure yet. I was shocked how much it cost to post this one to the UK. In the Netherlands we have TNT post and they only allow for “letters” or “parcels”. Since these are never going to fit in the letterbox, postage for them goes sky high! (€13 for Europe, or €25 for USA) I hope I can think of some way to ship these else they may only be available in the Netherlands 🙁

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