Christmas tutorial advent – Fabric gift bag

You will need:

  • Light or medium weight fabric
  • Sewing needle & thread (A sewing machine makes this bag much easier)
  • Scissors
  1. To work out how much fabric you need measure the item you would like to put in the bag. The total width of fabric will be the width of the present plus 2cm. The total lengh of the fabric will be the height of the present doubled and plus 17cm. Cut a rectangle with these measurements from your fabric.
  2. Fold 1cm over at each end of the rectangle. Press but don’t stitch.
  3. Fold the fabric in half length ways. Make a mark 4.5cm from the top and a second make 1cm below the first mark.
  4. Machine stitch from the fold up to mark, and then stitch from the second mark up to the top. The opening in the sides will be for the drawstrings.
  5. With the bag still inside out fold down the top of the bag so it comes just past the opening you left in the side.
  6. Stitch all the way around the lower edge of the fold and turn right side out.
  7. Cut two lengths of ribbon that are double the width of the bag plus extra for hanging. Thread the ribbons through the holes in the side of the bag and knot them off.
  8. Your bag is ready to hide a special present inside to give to someone this Christmas!

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