Christmas tutorial advent – House needle book

You will need

  • Blue felt
  • Cream felt
  • Felt scraps in red & cream
  • Sewing needle & threads
  • Scissors
  • Pattern (above)
  1. Print off and cut out the pattern pieces
  2. Cut out a house pattern from the blue felt. And cut out a door, windows and roof from your scrap felt.
  3. Lay the roof, door and windows onto one side of your blue house and stitch around them attaching them to the house.
  4. Cut out another house pattern but this time from your cream felt. This house needs to be a little bit smaller than the original blue house shape so cut it 0.5cm smaller around all the edges.
  5. Place the cream house ontop of the back of blue house and stitch down the middle of the two to create a “spine” just like a book.
  6. Your needle book is done so put away your needls till tomorrows tutorial 🙂

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