fabric flower tutorial

Fabric flower brooch tutorial

I love flowers! And as spring is slowly arriving here I though I would give my book bag a fresh bright feel by adding some to it! Here is what my bag looked like, very black and boring. And next to it is my new spring bag!

fabric flower tutorial

I love it! And I love it so much I thought I should share how I did it.
First you can either use this pattern, or draw your own.

Pick three fabrics and cut out three small squares big enough for each of the flower templates.
Ideally you would now use some fabric stiffener, but I don’t have any of this so I use a mix of 2:1 pva and water. Coat the fabric with the mixture and leave to dry.

Your fabric should be nice and stiff now and wont fray when you cut out your flowers.
Draw around each template on the reverse of your fabric and cut out your flowers. I made enough for 5 flowers.

Cut out each flower and layer the three flowers on top of each other.

Sew through the middle of the flowers onto…anything you like. I sewed 3 of my flowers onto my bag, 1 I turned into a brooch and the other I am keeping for something else (surprises!). You could turn the flowers into lots of other things too.
To finish off the flower either use a button, or a stick on gem and glue it to the middle of the flower to hide the stitches. For extra depth pinch the tip of each flower petal so it makes a bit of a curve.

And there it is all finished! Bag and boorch!

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  1. Hey Steffi, Spring has certainly sprung, your flowers are great.

    I love flower brooches and the red and white looks fab.
    Certainly added some color to your bag.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

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