A good weekend

I spent most of this weekend sewing lots of things until I badly burnt my hand picking up a pan when the handel was really hot. So for the next few days no sewing while I wait for the blisters to go down and stop hurting!
I made 8 strawberry tote bags. This used up all the red flower fabric I had for them, and the shop I bought the fabric from is now closed šŸ™ so I will have to look for a different pattern fabric when I need to make more.

I also had 2 failed attempts at making a “TOASTIE STUDIO” banner out of fabric. The font type I used for the letters just did not work well when stuffed.Ā I have a 3rd better font I am trying today, and if that also fails I will be coming up with a new idea instead!

I also have some very nice sketch ideas for some more of my handmade dolls. I don’t know if they will work out yet but we will see.

I also made a list of materials I need to buy to make some more pillows and also to try some patterns I have had floating around for awhile, but first IĀ need to sell a couple more items from my Etsy shop before I have money to buy new material to try them out. (I hate having to budget when it comes to buying craft things!!)

I also sewed a bunch moreĀ EasterĀ decorations after selling most my stock to Juffies (a childrens gift shop in Groningen).

You can also buy these decorations in my Etsy shop, and I am doing free postage on them!! Or if you want to be crafty with the kids I have a kit to make your own.

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