Rapunzel pocket organiser tower

There is never enough time! I have a big folder full of design and concept sketch’s of toys and other creations that someday I want to make, but there just is not enough time to make them!! 

This weekend (as I was stuck in bed with my bad back) I went through this folder and tried to pick out a few things to make over the coming weeks. I picked out a few items that I felt would sell well in my Etsy store, and that I could post internationally cheaply (so they had to be flat).
My first project was a pocket organiser for little girls. I love storage and I love princesses. A few weeks ago we rented the new Dinsey movie “Rapunzel/Tangled” and I watched it 4 times before we had to take it back (we only had it 1 night!!). So I combined all these ideas and made this!
I am just in love with it!! I want to almost keep it for myself (and if I had a little girl I so would!!). Hopefully when my back is better I can go to the fabric shop and get some pink and lilac fabric to make a couple more like this. But for now this one is for sale in my Etsy shop.

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