2 New Dolls

This weekend I struggled through my hayfever suffering to finish these two new dolls.

Roxanne (or Roxy) is a new standard doll I made, she has a more punk rock feel than my other dolls and I had great fun making her! I love the guitar that she has and am so pleased with how she turned out. Buy her here on Etsy.

Red is the first in a series of fairytale themed dolls I plan to make. With the new movie “Little Red Riding Hood” coming out soon I decided to make her first and just love how she turned out. She is just as I imagined her to be, and I love how her cape turned out. You can buy her here.

I always wish I had space to keep everything I make, I love my dolls so much and each have their own character and style! I love the fact that I can also sell them on Etsy so I can fund making more of them!


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