Mini cake tutorial

This weekend I am sharing a tutorial to make cute little cakes with fruit decoration!

These little cakes are very similar in method to making the banana slices from my fruit salad tutorial.

Click on the pattern below to enlarge it and save/print off the pattern.

Step 1.
Print off the pattern above and use it to cut out your felt pieces. I decided to make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but you can make lots of variety.
You could have vanilla cake with white or strawberry icing, chocolate cake with red icing… even green cake with blue icing if you wanted!

Step 2.
Start by sewing the felt icing on top of the felt cake side piece.

Step 3. 
Now take the cake side and the icing top circle. Start sewing the circle to the cake side about 1cm in from the end. Just use a simple whip stitch like that used for the banana slices.

When you get all the way around you will find the ends of the cake side overlap by about 1/2cm. This is why we start sewing 1cm in from the end so we can easily overlap the ends.

Step 4.
Now do a running stitch down the overlapping area of the felt cake side. Take care that the same amount of overlap at the top is at the bottom.

Step 5.
Before we start sewing on the bottom cake coloured felt circle add some stuffing to your cake. I like my cakes to be very firmly stuffed, so I use chopped up scrap felt, but toy stuffing is also fine.

Step 6.
Now sew the bottom circle to the cake using the same whip stitch as used to sew on the top circle.

Step 7.
Time to decorate your cake! I put a little strawberry and kiwi slice on top of my cake with some kiwi on the side, but you can decorate it with what ever you like. You can also choose not to sew anything on top and instead have pieces your kids can decorate the cakes with instead.

Thank you everyone for coming to check out this latest tutorial! Thank you for all the lovely comments about past tutorials and please feel free to share your opinion about my tutorials or offer suggestions for upcoming tutorials!
Next weekend I wont be doing a tutorial as I am going to my first craft fair, but the weekend after I will be back with another felt food tutorial!

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