1 Day left to sew

Lucky for me today is a national holiday in the Netherlands so I have been able to spend all day sewing!
I got several things crossed off my list (and stopped myself adding anything else onto it).

Here is what I have made over the last two days:

Several cushion covers (not all in the photo), 2 Felt Orchid plants, some more felt fruit salad bags & some cute little bird decorations.

Still to make:
Some more Little Red Riding Hood dolls, Big Bad Woof doll, Sissy snake toy, Humpty Dumpty toy and some more letter felt boxes (if I get time).

I also still need to print more labels and price tags off, some flyers to hand out and finish prepping my stalls layout. I hope I can get it all done tomorrow because Saturday I have to pack everything up into the car ready for Sunday early morning start to the craft fair!
I just hope all the work will be worth it!

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