What a weekend!

Phew that was exhausting! But awesome too!
Between the 6am wake up, the thunder storms (while setting up) and the couple of rain showers my first craft fair yesterday went really well!
This is my booth once I finished setting everything up

I had a booth next to Kitty Darkness Designs and Popjes Art, It was really nice to meet everyone and such a great first experience of a craft fair. I was so happy to have my boyfriend with me to help with the Dutch, even with my extra practise I still got stuck talking to people sometimes.

I loved talking to people about my items, and to actually see people pick stuff up and then buy it was just amazing! I get so excited when people buy from me on Etsy so seeing it in real life was soooo much better. I hope to do another fair soon, but hopefully one a bit closer to home so I don’t have a 2 hour car journey for it.

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