Oh what big teeth you have!!

“Oh Grandmother! What big teeth you have!” said Little Red Riding Hood

“All the better to eat you with!” Roared Mr. Wolf jumping from the bed after Little Red

This week I worked on finishing my Mr. Wolf doll to go along with my Little Red Riding Hood doll. I think he turned out super!
I must admit I had a lot of trouble drawing his patter, and getting his face to look like a wolfs. In the end I modelled him off a story book I borrowed from the library (and I learnt some more dutch too!). It came with little finger puppets to tell the story of Little Red., stupid me returned it without taking a photo sorry!

I am going on holiday next weekend so will be listing Mr. Wolf when I get back from my holidays (and my shop will be shut for 2 weeks too). I also have a couple of other things to list and new fairytale dolls to work on, up next is Alice in wonderland!


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