Pizza slice tutorial

I do like pizza, perhaps I like it a little too much even! So the other night while we were eating pizza I decided I would make it my next felt food tutorial! (When my boyfriend came down he thought it was a real pizza slice at first!)
Instead of a tutorial to make a whole pizza (since there are plenty of them out there) I am just doing single pizza slices.

You will need:

Step 1
Print off the pattern above and cut out 2 base pieces from beige felt, 1 sauce piece from red felt, 1 cheese piece from yellow felt and topping pieces depending on what pizza you like best!
Step 2
Take one piece of pizza base and sew on the sauce felt piece using a simple running stitch.
(The sauce piece wants to be placed as close to the bottom point as possible.)
Step 3
Now sew the cheese felt piece on top of the sauce, again keeping it close to the bottom point as possible.
Step 4
I decided to make a pepperoni pizza, but you can pick different toppings. Sew your toppings onto the pizza, and don’t be afraid to cut them a bit smaller as if they are over the edge and got cut off while slicing up the pizza.
Step 5
Now take your other pizza base felt piece and pin it to the back of the piece we just sewed everything onto.
Sew along the sewing line that was marked on the pattern (this should run right long the edge of the pizza sauce).
Step 6
I prefer Italian style pizza so wanted to make my pizza thin crusted, so only put toy stuffing into the crust area. But if you like you can add a layer of batting to the pizza to make it more plump.
Sew around the edge of the pizza and leave a small gap in the crust area (the top edge section we made in the last step). Add stuffing to the crust area before sewing around the rest of the pizza slice.
Your pizza slice is now finished and ready to (play) eat! If you make 7 more slices then you can have a whole pizza to enjoy! And you can always experiment with different toppings!


  1. Oh Fab Steph! I plan on making lots of felt food when im back from my hols in a few weeks,great tutorial. Your so good at doing these
    Ill add it to the blog tomorrow : )
    emma x

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