Alice doll

As promised here is a sneak peak of the new doll I am adding to my Etsy shop this weekend!

Meet Alice

(sorry about the bad photo’s taken late at night in a rush!)
It was a challenge creating the effect of long hair for this doll, but once I worked out how to do it I am going to use the same technique for other dolls too!

Alice is the first doll I have made using my new wool blend felt from Sew Sweet. I was a little unsure how the felt would work as it feels very soft but is actually very strong. I have ordered some more wool blend felt now too so I will slowly change all my dolls to this wool as is it better quality.

Next up are a couple more characters from Alice in Wonderland, can you guess who they might be?¬†Once I also finish creating a couple more “Fairytale” dolls I will write up some patterns so others can make them too. (but this usually takes me quite awhile!)

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