Chicken soft toy pattern & tutorial

Back in April I shared a tutorial to make a cute little lamb soft toy from felt. Today there is a new addition to the farm with chicken!

To make chicken I used:
White felt from Sew Sweet
Yellow felt from Sew Sweet
Black Felt from Sew Sweet
2 x 10cm Red gingam ribbon from Sew Sweet,
– or you can use 2 piece of 10cm x 2cm strip of red felt
Toy Stuffing
Usualle sewing supplies like needle, thread, scissors etc.
The pattern!

First cut out all the pattern pieces.

Begin with the face detail. Place the two black felt eyes onto one of the white body pieces and sew in place.

Take the beak felt piece place the beak so that the red dotted line runs about 1/2cm in paralle below the eyes. Sew the beak into place along the red dotted line.

Take the wing felt piece and pin it onto one of the body pieces as shown belown (doesn’t need to be exact). Repeat with the other body piece, making sure you pin the wings in simlar places and one is reversed.

When happy with the placement sew the wings into place along the red dotted line.

Take 2 felt feet pieces and place them back to back and sew around the edges, repeat for the other foot.

Now we piece together chicken. Take the back body piece right side down. Then place the feet ontop of the body piece (like in the photo) and pin them in place. Take the two ribbon pieces and fold them into two loops and pin in place at the top of the chickens head (see photo below).

Then place the top body piece ontop and pin it to the other pieces.

Sew all the way around the edge of the chicken, leaving a gap on its breast for stuffing. Stuff it nice and plump (like a good chicken should be!) and sew the opening closed.

Chicken is all done and ready to play with little lamb!
I am entering this felt tutorial into the 1..2..3.. craft! challenge. Visit Kitty Cats and Airplanes to see other projects in the challenge.


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