Using up those lovely buttons!

Like so many other crafters I have a terrible weakness for buttons and ribbon. I have a big collection so wanted to use some up so I could buy more. Last christmas I made wire heart shapes decorated with buttons for my friends so decide to try the same but in a star shape!

I used the lovely citrus mix button bag I got from Sew Sweet and managed to make 2 stars from the 1 bag.

I made it by first making a star shape from some stiff metal. Then I hand sewed each button onto the metal frame which took forever! Then to secure each button I added some hot glue to the back of each button and finished with a ribbon loop so I could hand it up.
I am keeping one star on my window as it looks really pretty when the sun shines on the buttons, but the second star is listed for sale in my Etsy shop.


  1. I’m trying something similar, but the wire,( florists wire in a middle length) is the problem 🙂 What sort of wire did you use?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. When I made my first one I found my wire would break, or I could not get the buttons close together.
      What I do now is shape my wire (which is also florist wire) and then wrap wool around it, and sew the buttons onto the wool.

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