Tutorial: Felt bookmark

Oh my! October.. September just seems to have flown by! Got to get cracking for things for my upcoming craft fair!
One thing on my list is for some more small cheap items to fill out my stall. One thing I decided to try were some felt bookmarks.

I loved how they turned out and they are so simple too!
I used felt, and ribbons from Sew Sweet, and other stuff I had in my craft box to decorate them all.

If you want to give making some a try too all you need is to cut out two rectangles from your felt. I made mine 4cm across and 13.5cm long, but you can play around with the sizes.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 15cm long and pin it along one of the felt pieces. Sew along both sides of the ribbon to secure it to the felt.

Because my ribbon had stars on it, I cut out a star shape from black felt and sewed it onto the bookmark. You could do a flower, or some other felt embellishment. I suggest not using buttons or bulky items or it won’t fit into a book!

Now take a 8cm piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Pin to the bottom of your back felt piece and then pin the second felt piece on top of that (so the ribbon is sandwiched between the two).

Sew all the way around the edge of the bookmark, trim threads and your bookmark is all done!

You can really experiment with colours, ribbon and embellishments to makes lots of variety. These could make a nice extra little gift this Christmas!

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