Diezijn Leuk!

Yesterday I had a stall at the Diezijn Leuk craft fair in Groningen. We had great weather, no snow or rain, was cold but not too bad. It was lovely meeting all the people, and I really could see how much I have improved in speaking Dutch compared to my last craft fair when I needed my boyfriend to help a lot more with customers.

We got to the fair at 9am, and as we don’t have a car we carried everything on our bicycles! I carried 3 laundry sized bags on my handle bars, and a crate on the back of my bike, and Tomas carried one big laundry bags and a duffel bag. Took just over an hour to set up and then we sat and waited for the fair to begin at 11am.

As the day went on we had lots of visitors and so many nice comments about my products, every sale made me happy and made it worth while standing outside in the cold all day. I have a couple of custom orders from the day too which I am working on today to ship out by Wednesday. I also have a Dutch exam on Wednesday so this week will be just as busy I am sure.


  1. Hello Stephanie, I am glad to see you came home safely, with these bicycles full of bags, boxes and other fabulous stuff. It was nice to speak to you, even though it was very short. Remember, it is not the way you speak Dutch that shows how well you are getting on in our culture, it is the way you ride your bike!!

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