Christmas Tutorial Advent {Button Wreath}

Today I sorted all my buttons by colour and put them into their own little jars! While sorting them all I thought a button wreath would look so cute. Last year I made a felt square wreath and this uses a similar method.


25cm long piece of wire
Assorted buttons, I used a mix of blue ones from Sew Sweet.
How to:
Pick some buttons, you will need about 50 buttons to make a wreath.


Fold the end of the wire slightly and thread the first few buttons so they go through both pieces of wire.

Thread the rest of the buttons onto the lengh of wire.

Pass the end through the loop we made in the other end (without pushing the buttons off) and pull the two ends tightly together. Wrap the end of the wire around till it is all tight

Add some ribbon to hide the join.

You can hang it on your tree, or door, or window etc, and make them in lots of different colours. You could also do a mix of buttons and felt squares.

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