Christmas Tutorial Advent {Cherry Pie Coasters}

Cherry Pie… hmm any pie is yummy, but cherry pie just has that something special about it.

Golden Felt from Sew Sweet
Red Felt from Sew Sweet
Needle and thread

How to:
Print off the pattern above and cut out the pieces of felt.
For the pie crust I cut with zigzag scissors for a rough edge, but you can also do it with a straight edge.

Take one pie base and stitch the felt pie filling to the middle of it.

Lay out the pie crusts, starting by making a cross in the middle then adding the other pieces in a weaving pattern.

With a needle and thread add a x stitch where each pie crust cross over.

Go around the edge of the pie and trim off any excess pie crust that stitck out.

Add the second felt pie base to the back to hide all the stitches and whip stitch around the edge of the pie.

The pie coaster is finished! You can make a whole set as a gift, or change the red felt to purple for blueberry/blackberry pie instead! Lots of options!

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