Christmas Tutorial Advent {Christmas Felt Mouse}

I think real mice are horrid and scary, but I love toy mice!! I use to have a cutey little one that I took in my school bag to exams for luck, and something about mice feels quite festive… I can see them in little Santa hats, or with jingle bells on their shoes…
I absolutely love the dutch / UK sellers from The House of Mouse!! You should look at their shop! They make the most creative little mice ever!
But if you feel like something a bit less technical I have a simple felt mouse tutorial for you today.

To make mousey I used:
Grey wool blend felt from Sew Sweet
Scrap pink wool blend felt from Sew Sweet
2 Black mini brads from Sew Sweet
10cm piece of thin ribbon
And basic sewing equipment, needle, thread etc.
This pattern:

How to:
Start by printing off the pattern above and cutting out all the pieces from felt. I used a light grey felt for the body and pink for the inner ear.

Stitch each inner ear to the outer ear and fold the ear nearly in half and add a few stitch to hold in place.
Then slide the ear into the slit you cut in your mouse body so the fold is facing the nose point. Stitch the ear in place and repeat for the other body (making sure you do the ear coming out the opposite site!)

Place your two mouse bodies with right sides together (so the ears face inwards) and sandwich the tail ribbon inwards near the mouses bottom. Stitch around the top edge.

Turn the body right way out and position the eyes so they match. I used mini brads but you could use buttons, or beads or a simple french knot etc.

Turn the mouse wrong way out again and pin the bottom around the edges of the body, lining up the nose point and bottom point. Sew around the edge leaving a gap to turn later on.

Turn mouse right way out and stuff him , making sure you get his nose nice and pointy. Then ladder stitch the turning hole shut. Mousey is finished and ready to hide under the Christmas tree!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern and excellent instructions! My grandchildren wanted baby mice
    to go with a Mr. &Mrs. Mouse set they play with and tis was perfect! You are the best!!!!!

  2. This is the perfect pattern for our Christmas mouse that eats the crumbs out of the bottom of our stockings.
    The tutorial was great! Thank you for posting this. Merry Christmas

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