Christmas Tutorial Advent {Felt Peacock}

After making my peacock bag for the gift exchange I thought I would make a felt peacock tree decoration as part of my Christmas tutorial advent calendar.

I used some teal wool blend felt from Sew Sweet for the body, lavender for the wings and yellow for the beak.
For the eyes I used mini black brads, also from Sew Sweet. And for the tail I used a mix of 6mm satin ribbon, 10 pieces in blue and purple each 10cm long, plus an extra piece to hang the decoration by.

Step 1:
Push one of the mini black brads through a peacock body and spread out the back bits. Repeat for the other body side making sure the eye is facing the right way.

Step 2:
Sew on one purple wing to the side of the peacocks body, and repeat for the other body piece.

Step 3:
To make the tail, lay all 10 pieces of satin ribbon on top of each other and sew through them a couple of times so the end is secured (this makes it a lot easier in the next steps)

Step 4:
Lay out your peacock with the beak, tail and hanging loop in place, and pin the other peacock body on top ready to sew.

Step 5:
Sew around the edge of the peacock, starting just below the tail and pausing when nearly all the way around to add a little bit of stuffing (make sure you get some up into the head area).

Step 6:
Finish sewing all the way around and secure the thread. Your pretty peacock is all ready! You can make these in lots of colours, rainbow, white. I wish I had some feathers as they would look pretty mixed in with the ribbons.

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