Christmas Tutorial Advent {Felt Tree Garland}

Materials: I used Vintage Holly felt from Sew Sweet (prefect colour name for the season!) and then decorated the trees with a mix of buttons, or with sequin ribbon I had for wrapping presents.

Step 1:
Print and cut out the pattern pieces, and decide what you want to decorate the tree with. It helps to lay out the design before you start sewing things on.

Step 2:
Sew on the decorations, I did some trees with buttons, and some trees with sequin ribbon.

For the sequin ribbon I just sewed down a sequin at each point, you could also use glue to stick bits down.

Step 3:
On the other piece of felt tree, add a dot of glue to secure the hanging loop, this makes it much easier to sew together. Add the brown piece of felt and the other felt tree on top and pin together.

Step 4:
Sew around the edge of the tree. If you like add some stuffing but I decided to leave mine without.

Make more trees and then string them together to make a pretty garland!

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