Christmas Tutorial Advent {Paper candy advent }

When I use to work in a shop, every year on 1st December we would have 50+ adults come in searching for chocolate advent calendars because they had forgotten to buy one for their kids, and usually by then we had sold out of them too so the poor kids ended up with the nasty chocolate ones, or none at all.

If you are one of those who forgot to buy an advent, don’t worry here is a really simple tutorial to make your own advent calendar.

Materials: I am using some kraft paper I bought from Sew Sweet, but you can use wrapping paper, printer paper, scrap book paper etc. What ever you have on hand. You will also need some small candy bars, or loose sweets, nothing sticky or short lasting though.

Fold you paper in half and sketch (with a pencil) a Christmas shape, eg. star, tree, stocking etc.

Cut out your shape through the two layers of paper so you have two identical paper shapes.

Step 2
Sew around the edge of the paper, and stop leaving a gap to put in your sweets.

Add your sweets (if using loose sweets a funnel could be useful!)

Step 3
Back to the sewing machine and sew close the opening. Trim all lose threads

Because it is an advent calendar you need to make 24/25 of the little packets, and then with a big black pen number each packet so you have one for each day.

You can keep them in a basket, or hang them out on a ribbon with some little pegs. And on each day you can rip open the packet to find your surprise inside!!
If you like you could add extra things, like a little note inside, or photo, lots of options!!

Check back tomorrow for day two of my Christmas tutorial advent calendar!

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