Christmas Tutorial Advent {Paper Star Garland}

I made this paper star garland last year for my tree, and deicded to keep it this year because I love the bright colour theme.

It is really simple to make, but can take a bit of time to make all the stars!

To make the stars I follow the above great youtube video tutorial. They are really simple and once you get the hang of them you can just whip them up without checking the video.

Start by cutting an A4 piece of paper into long strips about 1cm / 1/2 inch wide by 20cm /8inch long.
Follow the youtube tutorial to make your stars. You will need about 70 stars to make a 1 meter approx garland.

Once you have all your stars made thread a needle with 1.5meter long piece of sewing thread.
Add a small button or bead and knot the thread to secure one end so the stars wont fall off.

Poke your needle through the point of the star to the opposite non-point of the star, pass the star all the way down to knotted end.

Continue to mix up the colours until you have threaded all your stars on. To end the garland add a small button or bead and knot the thread tightly.

Hang your garland on your tree 🙂
You can make the stars bigger by using wider and longer pieces of paper, so try experimenting.

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