peppermint star christmas ornament

Christmas Tutorial Advent {Peppermint Star}

Peppermint is such a Christmas thing!! Candy canes and swirly sweets!
This year in blog land I have seen lots of peppermint crafts and recipes so wanted to join in the happy white and red swirly fun!!


Red felt
White felt
Thread & needle
Pattern below

How To:
1. Print off the pattern above and cut out the pattern pieces.
2. Cut out 1 normal and 1 reverse star shapes from red felt, and cut out 1 normal and 1 reverse swirl shapes from white felt.

3. Stitch each swirl shape to each star shape.

4. Place the two star shapes back to back and blanket stitch around the edge. I decided I didnt want to add stuffing but if you want to that is fine.

5. Add a loop of thread to the top point of the star to hang it on your christmas tree with.

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