Christmas Tutorial Advent {Snowman Garland}

Sometimes I spend the evening watching TV and making pompoms since I bought one of them machines that make them so easy to make 😛
As such I have a stash of different colours and sizes and figured I should start finding some uses for them. Instead of the straightforward pompom snowman I decided to make a pompom snowman garland instead!

White Wool to make 5 pompoms and to string them together
Scrap black and orange felt
Glue Gun

How to:
Start by making your pompoms, if you don’t have one of those handy machines here is a simple tutorial to make them.

Cut up your black felt to make 10 1cm diameter felt circles for eyes. They don’t need to be perfect so do it freehand! Also cut 5 triangles from the orange felt for carrot noses.

Heat up your hot glue gun and glue on two black felt circles. Then glue on your carrot felt nose. Repeat for all 5 pompoms.

Thread a needle with 1m of white wool. Take one snowman pompom and pass the needle through the middle of it and out the other side.

Continue adding the other snowman pompoms onto the wool string and add loops to each end of the string so you can hang it up. I made my garland only 1m because I have a tiny tree, but you can make it longer with more snowman pompoms too.

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