Dutch and end of new year slump!!

Argh!! This morning I had my Dutch speaking exam. I sadly failed my first attempt before Christmas (I was just sooo nervous I made so many small silly mistakes). I hope I did better this time, I tried to keep calm and kept telling myself I could do it, because when I am speaking Dutch with my boyfriend I have no problem. I wont hear for another week but gosh I am hoping I did ok this time.

Oh another note, I got my sewing swing back a bit!
I though, what project do I love to do the most? Answer is my Rapunzel organiser towers. I just adore each one I make.

This time I made it in purple and as usual I am totally in love with it 😛 But it is available in my etsy shop if someone else loves it just as much.

I also made two button hearts ready for valentines! See these also in my etsy shop.


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