Something for the weekend – button flower bracelet

The weather here is still a bit chilly, but that isn’t keeping these flowers hidden in their buds!!!

I pass this bit of park every day after I finish delivering the mail and it just makes me smile looking at all the bright happy colours. So I took this “smile making moment” and made something to remind me of it every day (even when the flowers are gone).

Felt – I used white and lavender felt from Sew Sweet
5 Yellow buttons
White ribbon that will tie around your wrist
Basic sewing supplies, needle thread etc

1. Cut out circles from your felt. I cut out a mixture of white and purple circles, two white 3cm, three purple 3cm, three white 2cm and two purple 2cm diameter circles.
2. Lay out your felt circles, mixing up the circle colours. Then add a yellow button on top of each flower

3. Fold your ribbon in half to find the centre, and sew your first flower in the middle, going through the two felt circles and button.
4. Add two more felt flowers to each side of the centre one in the same way.

Your bracelet is finished and ready to wear. You could always make it using different colours to match your wardrobes colours! And if you are making it for kids, then only sew on 3 felt flowers.

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