Summer Kid Craft Projects – Paper Lollies

When I lived in the UK I was a member of Girlguiding, and often helped plan meetings and activities, especially the craft ones. As such I have a hoorde of kid craft projects on my computer and after watching the BBC weather advert (with the kids acting like royalty over their mum, demanding to be entertained) I figured I could share some with you and help keep the kids happy this summer.

So some summer paper Crafts

Paper Ice Lollies

Print off the pdf design (2 lollies a sheet) and let the kids colour them in. Then cut out the shapes, fold in half and stick together with a popsicle stick in the middle.
Download pdf file

Flip-Flop Matching Game

Print off the pdf file and cut out the squares. For younger children they can just match the colours, for older children they have to match colour, and left and right foot.
Download pdf file

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  1. I heard the weather here in the UK was meant to be pretty hot this weekend (but that is what I caught mid-week, so probably not)
    Anyway, thanks for the print outs .. my little girl will love em 🙂

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