Happy Batty Soft Toy Tutorial

Week and a half till Halloween and I wanted to share one more tutorial with you all, meet Happy Batty!!

He is super easy to make, and similar in process to my other felt toys.

You will need:
Black felt
Charcoal felt (optional)
White felt
2x Black buttons
Toy stuffing
Sewing thread, needle, scissors etc.
Pattern (download here)

Step 1
Download and print off the pattern linked above. Use it to cut out your felt pieces for happy batty.

Step 2
Start by making the wings, take two wing pieces and sew around the outside edge. I used a grey thread for contrast which looked nice. Repeat for the other wing so you have a pair.

Step 3
To make the face start by sewing on your black buttons, I just judged where I wanted them on the face, and it depends on the size of your buttons (mine were 1cm diameter).
Then take your fangs and sew them on below the eyes.

Step 4
Now we are going to put the body together. Pin the ears to the top of the head, and then the wings to each side. Take the other body piece and pin that to the back so the ears and wings are sandwiched between the two.

Step 5
Sew around the outside of the bat, starting at the bottom. Before you finish sewing all the way around add your toy stuffing to make him a snuggly bat, then sew close the opening. (I used a blanket stitch for this because I like how it looks, but you can do a running stitch).

Happy Batty is all done and ready fly around your house this Halloween, or maybe go Trick -or- Treating with you!!


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