Tinsel Christmas Wreath with Bells {Tutorial}

I am terrible! It is November and I have my Christmas tree up already, and am getting my decorations out!!!
I just could never help myself and can’t wait till 1st December, I don’t know how those who decorate on Christmas Eve do it!!

Well in my decorating I wanted to make a Christmas Wreath to match this years theme of purple and blue peacock colours. And figured I would share how I made it as this weeks tutorial.

Polystyrene ring (mine is 25″)
Pins and thread.

Step 1
Wrap your ring with the tinsel. I used a pin at each end to secure it into the ring, but you could hot glue if you plan to keep the wreath for next year too.

Step 2
Wrap your ribbon around the tinsel. Again I secured it at the back with a pin.

Step 3
It is hard to see, but in the last photo I have added bells. I threaded them onto a piece of cotton thread and wrapped that around the ring like the ribbon. And again I secured with a pin.

And thats it! Super easy huh? You could use baubles instead of bells if you like. And I am going to look for some of those battery LED lights, I think those would look awesome on it too!

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