Have a Popsicle Christmas!

I love popsicle crafts! Some thing they are just for kids and preschool but I find them fun too 🙂
Today I have a tutorial to make a little sleigh out of popsicles, and all you need is 8 sticks, some wool and your glue gun!

1. Start by gluing two sticks together. Then glue a stick either side of these, about 1cm lower down.

2. Then at right angles glue a stick on either side to make the edges.

3. Cut a popsicle stick in half, then snip off the ends so it fits within the edges of the sleigh, and glue it down.

4. Add a popsicle across the back of the sleigh, and add some wool or ribbon to hang it up with!

You could then paint them, or add glitter.. endless possibilities!

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